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April 20th, 2016 by

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Honda’s legendary innovation is simply unmatched in the automotive industry. New Honda vehicle technologies such as hybrid systems, fuel cells, and natural gas have been available along with internal fuel-saving measures, characteristic to each vehicle concept. On most 2016 Honda cars and SUVs, direct fuel injection technology and an “Econ” mode combine to conserve fuel and energy while maximizing performance. At their core, too, Honda vehicles are produced responsibly from conceptualization through production and delivery. Take a look below to see how Honda is committed to the environment, offering future-forward technology and responsibility to the driving public.
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Blue Skies For Our Children
Honda’s philosophy behind its environmental commitment is to ensure Blue Skies For Our Children. This philosophy is the impetus behind Honda’s many efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing operations, as well as throughout the lifecycle of its products. From the original CVCC vehicle more than 40 years ago, Honda’s engineers have worked tirelessly to carry out efforts in preserving our planet for future generations.

Environmental Technology

Honda constantly strives to utilize new and existing technologies for the betterment of the environment. To that end, they recently embarked on the largest solar-cell project in the United States. At Honda Performance Development (HPD) headquarters, a 100kW, 800-cell array of thin-film CIGS solar panels was installed on the roof, carport and loading dock canopy. Energy produced from the project provides power to several areas of the HPD research and development campus, while reducing energy loads and CO2 emissions by approximately 64 metric tons annually. Take a look at some of Honda’s efficient manufacturing processes in the video below.
Environmental Vehicles
When it comes to talking about the environment, Honda lets their products speak for themselves. In 1974, Honda introduced the ingeniously simple Civic CVCC engine. World-changing for its fuel efficiency and low emissions, the CVCC demonstrated their spirited commitment to environmentally responsible technology. Many other firsts were to follow, such as the first hybrid vehicle sold in North America and the first government-certified fuel-cell car.
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Today, Honda continues its tradition of environmental innovation with features such as direct fuel injection technology, available on nearly every new 2016 Honda car and SUV. Direct fuel injection technology was adapted for gasoline engines due to its ability to finely meter the amount of fuel needed and, as well, to keep internal cylinder temperatures low, thereby increasing power and efficiency. Honda’s Earth Dreams technology measures, of which direct fuel injection is a component, are designed to incorporate engine, transmission, hybrid, and EV technologies to continue carrying the company forward in their environmental commitment.
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All told, Honda vehicles are a modern and innovative way to not only save fuel, but also to be a part of an all-encompassing corporate and vehicular concept which strives to maximize its impact on the world around us. Stop by Schomp Honda today during our Dream Garage event to see how these technologies work for you in each new model, including the 2016 Civic, Accord, CR-V, Odyssey, and much more.

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