Meet The Team Monday: Jay Andre

September 19th, 2016 by

Jay Andre

Since 1988, our clients have known Schomp Honda Operations Manager Jay Andre as a cool, calm and collected face – ready to serve however and wherever needed. To us, though, Jay is a powerhouse of talent and capability encompassing much more than just the car business. Jay’s passion for woodworking, most notably the creation of custom watercraft, has lent a touch of irreplaceable beauty to Honda’s 2016 new car lineup and our new Highlands Ranch showroom.

Jay Andre working on Canoe

Why did you start hand-crafting kayaks, canoes and paddle boards?
I started somewhere around five or six years ago. I remember being at a lake and seeing a beautiful kayak that someone had built by hand. I thought, “I need one of these, and really should give building one a shot.”

How many do you typically produce per year? How long does it take?
I try to complete two per year, as they take around 100 hours each to build and finish.

Do you have a favorite one? And would you ever consider selling your works?
I’m very attached to them all – like children, it’s hard to pick a favorite. If I had to choose, I’d pick the one I modeled after a Chris Craft boat. As far as selling them, I’d much rather see one go to a charity auction. Aside from that, I’ll continue building them for friends and family as gifts.

Worked Wood

Jay has had the pleasure of working with the Honda brand for all of his 28 years with the Schomp Automotive Group. He’s served as Honda parts manager and director, which gave him the opportunity to work across Schomp’s many automotive and powersports brands. Since then, he’s grown into a true Honda enthusiast. He enjoys helping our clients while doing business in a simple and upfront manner. When out of the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife Sue and their three grown children. He also enjoys collecting antiques and participating in all forms of outdoor activities. Jay is a near-native, having been a Colorado resident for the past 40 years; he moved from Davenport, IA in 1974.

Jay Andre at his desk

Jay’s professional goal is to provide every person an excellent sales, service and parts experience here at Schomp Honda in Highlands Ranch. He understands and values your time, and considers you a part of our Schomp family. Our One Price. One Person. One Hour. philosophy means an all-encompassing respect for your needs every time, and at every visit.

Stop by our new showroom today to view one of Jay’s masterful works – he’d love to chat about Hondas, woodworking, watersports or anything in between!