Honda Graduate Program

You’ve worked hard to graduate, and even harder to secure your new job.

Now, Honda Financial Servicessm wants to help make your new Honda purchase as seamless as possible.


Flexible and competitive financing, lease and purchase-plan packages on any 2023 or newer Honda vehicle.
Deferred first-payment option for up to 90 days, with up to 60 days of no interest**
Financing is a great way to build your credit and, especially when driving a Honda, have the potential to create positive equity and low long-term ownership costs for your first major vehicle purchase!


5% minimum down payment
No adverse credit history
Verifiable proof of employment or a firm commitment from an employer with a start date no more than 120 days from conception of the finance contract
Graduate with a master’s, bachelor’s or associate degree from a U.S. accredited college or registered nursing school within the past two years, or within the next four months.
Provide your Honda dealer with required documentation for credit application.


If you’re planning to keep your new Honda for several years or, as well, if you drive lots of miles each year (15,000+), you’d be best served with traditional financing. This way, you can keep monthly payments low by structuring your loan over a longer period of time. If you enjoy driving new vehicles and can limit your annual mileage (typically <15,000/yr), leasing can afford flexibility and a low monthly payment. Typically, you’ll have the option of purchasing the car after the lease term is up or turning it in for a new car.

For more information on smart financing, go to or contact a Schomp Honda representative. Give yourself some added benefits by purchasing Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract coverage. Honda Care is simple and affordable vehicle and travel protection fully backed by Honda reliability, service and parts.

Bonus offer applies toward any new 2023 or newer model year Honda when financed or leased through HFS.
*For well-qualified customers who qualify under Honda Graduate Program criteria, subject to approval by Honda Financial Services.
**Available only on traditional financing. Goes toward cap cost reduction of down payment assistance.