Honda Makes Two of the Coolest Cars in America under $20k

June 15th, 2018 by
2018 Honda Civic EX

The “Urban Dictionary” defines cool as an adjective from “American, now global slang, 1950s-present” with wide-ranging meanings:

  1. Superior, desirable, worthy of approval
  2. Graceful despite pressure
  3. Relaxed, calm, low-key, mellow
  4. Agreeable
  5. Trustworthy; not a narc
  6. Under self-control, despite appearances
  7. Above and beyond a situation
  8. Characterized by strange masteries and hidden resources

Some of those definitions describe the 2018 Honda Civic and Fit. We’re thinking numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 more or less. We love to brag about what great cars Hondas are, but it’s so much better with an authoritative source like Kelley Blue Book does it for us.

2018 Honda Fit Sport

Every year, the editors at Kelley Blue Book come up with a list of the “10 Coolest Cars Under $20,000.”  To make the list a car has to be “both fun to drive and fun to own,” as well as the umbrella criterion of costing less than $20k. As the editors wrote,

“…there are many things about a cool car that most of us can agree on. Is it fun? Is it stylish? Does the car make you smile? Does it have the tech features you want, and the versatility you need, at a price you can afford?”

Every year, we have come to expect that at least one Honda model will make the list. This year’s list doesn’t disappoint. Both the Honda Civic and the Honda Fit have spots on the 2018 list:

2018 Honda Civic EX

“Kelley Blue Book’s Small Car Best Buy of 2018, the [Honda] Civic is a well-rounded car offered as a sedan or coupe that’s comfortable, roomy, practical, efficient, packed with cool tech, and a blast to drive. And Honda tops that off with a budget-friendly starting price and a strong reputation for reliability and resale value.”

“This diminutive hatchback [the Honda Fit] has a feature called the Magic Seat that gives the interior space and versatility that rivals that of a small SUV. The subcompact Fit also happens to be fun to drive. That combination of practicality and pep at an affordable price makes this a hard car to resist.”

2018 Honda Fit Sport Interior

Come visit us at Schomp Honda in Highlands Ranch to see and test drive the 2018 Honda Civic and Honda Fit. You’ll see for yourself just how cool they are!

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