Honda Continues Its Winning Way in Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Image Awards

May 10th, 2023 by

Here at Schomp Honda, we are thrilled to share that Honda has won Kelley Blue Book’s “2022 Brand Image Awards: Best Overall Brand.” But wait! There’s more: Honda also won “Best Value Brand,” and “Most Refined Brand.”

 Sometimes, there are good reasons for following the crowd, even when you pride yourself on being uniquely individual. When a lot of people get behind a brand of automobile it often means more than following the latest fashion. It can mean a brand has outstanding quality, dependability, sustainability and comfort. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) created the Annual Brand Image Awards for just that reason.

 As KBB pointed out in its announcement, “Brand image isn’t just about consumers being aware that a brand exists.” In other words, there has to be more. In a nutshell, these three awards were because:

  • Honda has an “impressive range of vehicles and terrific quality,” making it KBB’s “Best Overall Brand.”
  • “Value has always been part of Honda’s DNA,” making it KBB’s “Best Value Brand.” Also noted: “Honda has won this award every year since 2015.”
  • “Honda uses quality materials and excellent build quality to ensure top-notch refinement,” making it KBB’s “Most Refined Brand.”

 Honda vehicles are perennial award-winners, not just of KBB’s “2022 Brand Image Awards,” but KBB sums it up very neatly: “Permanently linked to household names like the Accord and Civic, Honda is renowned for making reliable, efficient, and easy-to-drive vehicles.”

 Schomp Honda is proud to represent Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Overall Brand,” “Best Value Brand” and “Most Refined Brand,” and we’d be delighted to have you visit us in Highlands Ranch and see what makes them a great choice for your family.



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