Schomp Honda Service Department: Customer Testimonial

January 28th, 2020 by

Hi Jason,

I am writing this letter in sincere gratitude for the excellent customer service and integrity my wife and I experienced during the purchase of that 2012 Honda Fit. As an ASE Master Technician and former owner of a busy Honda specialty repair facility, I have some experience in recognizing quality business practices, and I can say categorically that Schomp Honda treated us better than we ever expected. Yours is a rare dealership indeed!

You might remember our Fit manual transmission seized up in our driveway just two days after we drove it home. I called Schomp that Friday afternoon and they had a tow truck at our home 60 miles away – in under two hours! The following Monday I was prepared to hear that you folks were going to refund the sale and auction the car, a decision I could fully understand given the 260,000 miles on it. I discussed with you the possibility of splitting the transmission repair, since I knew this was an extremely unusual situation, and because my wife did like the car. I was not prepared for what Schomp decided to do. 

Your service advisor let me know that the transmission would be replaced with a low mileage (20,000) unit, plus the clutch would be entirely replaced, and the flywheel as well. Gratis. No charge. Considering the modest sale price, I was stunned to see Schomp stand behind a 3 day, as-is warranty, rather than cancelling the sale. The Fit was back in our driveway two days later! You folks made sure our warranty work was a high priority despite the lack of profit in it.  Your technician even replaced the rear main seal, which is always recommended when servicing the clutch and flywheel, but certainly unexpected in a warranty situation. It is the kind of professional act I would have done. 

And that kind of service and attention to doing things right was obvious in so many other ways. For example, your kind parts person dug around and found an owner’s manual for us, since the car lacked one. Again, no charge. When we first arrived, the battery was dead, and rather than charge the old battery, you guys immediately installed a new factory battery, which went along with the new tires, front brakes, and windshield Schomp had earlier installed on the vehicle. It was obvious to me that Schomp sells only roadworthy used vehicles – and they check them first. That is why I did not blame Schomp for the transmission issue and was willing to split the costs. 

Tough situations reveal true character, and I am pleased to say that Schomp revealed to us sterling integrity despite a difficult outcome which no doubt ruined the profit of the transaction. Throughout this scenario, your sales and service personnel were honest, cheerful, and helpful in every way. Teresa and I could not be more impressed!

Sincerely, and with gratitude,


Randy and Teresa Gaebler

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