Honda’s Newest All-Wheel Drive Systems Devour Denver Blizzards

March 25th, 2016 by

It’s been a rough weather week for Colorado. Heading from 70-degree temperatures to multiple feetof snow overnight is never easy on our senses, our homes and, especially, our cars. While front-wheel drive and a good set of tires will make the cut in most driving situations, having a truly advanced all-wheel drive system can make the difference between going on your spring break road trip and staying home. Read on to find out how Honda’s newest all-wheel-drive systems devour Denver blizzards, Rocky Mountain roads, and so much more.

Old Honda Wagon Ad

Back in 1985, Honda introduced a part-time four-wheel-drive system on the Civic Wagovan, revolutionary for its time and within its segment. Engaged by a pushbutton on the dashboard, the driver could select front- or four-wheel drive modes depending on the need for traction. Two years later, a “Real-Time” four-wheel drive system was introduced, offering the Civic an automated, button-free transition from front- to all-wheel drive. Powering only the front wheels in most driving situations, the system offered an economical way to prioritize traction and economy in most driving situations.

Honda in the woods

Fast forward 31 years, and the foundation of Honda’s Real-Time four-wheel-drive system is still in use. Available in the 2016 Honda HR-V and CR-V, it now uses fully electronic actuation to sense traction loss and transfer power to the rear wheels, helping you grip the road and stay on course. Standard Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) across the entire model line helps brake individual wheels and/or reduce engine power in the event of understeer or oversteer*. *VSA is not a substitute for safe driving. It cannot correct the vehicle’s course in every situation or compensate for reckless driving. Control of the vehicle always remains with the driver.

Honda Suv in snow

For the ultimate in smart traction management, the 2016 Honda Pilot and forthcoming 2017 Honda Ridgeline feature an available Intelligent Variable Torque Management (iVTM-4) AWD system*. On Pilot EX models and above, iVTM-4 pairs with an intelligent traction management system, further enhancing grip and stability on sand, snow, and mud. Thanks to improved torque distribution, the iVTM-4 with intelligent traction management excels in low-traction conditions, offering excellent stability while providing trademark Honda economy and reliability. *Available on Pilot LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring. Standard on Pilot Elite. 2017 Honda Ridgeline specifications and features are not yet available.

With more snow in the forecast for this weekend and great finance and lease rates available through March 31st, now is a better time than ever to explore Honda’s 2016 lineup, especially those with Real-Time and iVTM-4 all-wheel drive.

Honda Tire in the snow